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Mahe, with an area of 150, is the largest island of the Seychelles. In many ways, Mahe is the most spectacular of the islands with its huge mountains and lush tropical vegetation and with over 75 beaches scattered around the island.
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The island of Praslin is famous for its tranquil atmosphere, fabulous unspoilt beaches and the Vallée de Mai. Most of Praslin, which has an area of 44 sq.m., is covered in tropical forest. The sea offers a breathtaking spectacle...
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Anse Lazio - Praslin
The beach of Anse Lazio is never crowded but rarely deserted. The crystal-clear blue water, the fine sandy beach bordered by coconut and takamaka trees and the impressive granite boulders, all make of Anse Lazio a must while visiting Praslin.
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La Digue
La Digue lies 43 km from Mahe and 6 km from Praslin. It is a superb island with huge pink granite boulders overlooking beautiful beaches of pure white sand. The first thing visitors to La Digue appreciate is its typical tranquility.
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La Digue Island
La Digue is perhaps the most charming of all the Seychelles islands and is least developed and a firm favorite amongst visitors with stunning beaches. The best way to visit La Digue is to rent bicycles.
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